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        资讯热线 | 020-39237601
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             GUANGZHOU BAOYING TOYS CO., LTD is a comprehensive toy production and sales company which sets design, development, production, processing and marketing in one.
             As the first domestic plush toy provider which focus on supplying for theme parks and original animation industry , with years of R & D experience, We have developed a very high  quality products for our customers . So far we have successfully provided for those famous companies such as :CHIME LONG , WANDA GROUP , GRANDVIEWthe Everland Resort(Korea) , MLB Major League Baseball (USA) , Happy Valley , ect. 
             With the high design level , mature production technology and a leading marketing model, we have become the preferred supplier of most of the tourist area and the corporate cultural product customization.

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        As we have various of products , here are just some samples. for more information, please contact with us.